The MVA Drivers Education requirements are designed for people who have never held a U.S license before. The student is required to complete a total of 36 hours of driving education to be eligible for the Maryland Road Test. Out of the total 36 hours, the student must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction, if and only if, they don’t have driving license from another country.

If the student has a driving license from another country which has been authenticated by that country’s embassy, they are exempted from attending driving education. Instead they are required to complete 3 hours of drug and alcohol responsibility education.

All students are also required to complete 6 hours of behind the wheel lessons in a formal driving school. Students must practice driving for 60 hours, if under the age of 25, or, 14 hours if above the age of 25.

Circle Driving School provides all of these services, taught by our high-quality staff and at an affordable price.






• $ 350 for 36 hours Driving Education
• $ 45 for hourly rate of driving lesson (two hour minimum)


1 Hour $45.00
2 Hours $85.00
4 Hours $170.00


10 Hours $400.00
20 Hours $800.00
30 Hours $1,200.00

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Who is eligible to attend driving education?

Any person aged 15 years and 9 months will be eligible to attend the driving education.

I don’t have the learners permit. Can I be able to attend both the class room and behind the wheel lesson?

If you don’t have the learners permit, you can attend classroom instruction but it is legally prohibited to take behind the wheel lessons until you have one..

How many hours of driving practice I need to complete before the road test?

Per MVA regulations, people under the age of 25 are required to practice driving for a minimum of 60 hours, out of which 10 hours should be during the night time. Again, people above the age of 25 are required to practice at least 14 hours out of which 3 should be in the night time. Circle Driving School has arranged an education package for both age groups.

Who can be my driving coach?

Your driver coach can be any person above the age of 21 who has had at least three years of driving experience in the United States. This person could be your parent, legal guardian, family member, or a professional driving instructor. However, we recommend that you select a professional driving instructor who’s familiar with recent MVA policy.

Professional driving instructors are trained in the best ways to teach new driving students. These instructors know the limitations of students and know when to safely exceed them. Circle Driving School instructors have vehicles equipped with instructor brakes and the latest safety tools.